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Hey everyone, I’m Christopher, and I started this nutrition blog to to create a community of like minded people looking for convenient nutrition plans tips and tricks to simplify nutrition and break free from the notion someone needs to be a Olympic athlete to become fundamentally healthy, or you need to be a well refined chef to cook to be able to cook healthy. This is why I developed nutritional programs which can be customized using the highest quality nutritional cellular vitamins and minerals on the market. Nutrition can be achieved effectively in a regimented and scheduled vitamin and mineral packets providing your body everything it needs while you go about your day.

Our UBody Nutrition Plans powered by USANA Cellular vitamins and minerals, tailored to you and your health goals.

I also started 24Seven Nutrition to educate and inform people that nutrition can be easy and anyone can achieve their nutrition and health goals and they do not need to be nutrition or fitness experts, which I am not either!

I am a regular guy, who trains 6 days a week, meal preps during the week and indulges on the weekend. Nutrition focus Sunday-Thursday, and indulgencies Friday and Saturday. This works for me, what works for you?

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One issue with sustaining a healthy diet is the incredible amount of planning and work it takes to buy the right food, cook it and find enough recipes to rotate .

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